Paring Down


For some reason we tend to accumulate things over time and more things come in than leave, so the math is pretty simple, even for someone like me. As a result, Kelly and I have been trying to thin out some of the things we have around the house.

Clothing isn’t too difficult for me to be openhanded about, though I have to be intentional. As a somewhat aspiring minimalist, I generally prefer simpler things and less things. One glaring area of hypocrisy for me is books. But that’s another story for another day.

Suffice it to say I am always a big fan of being able to round up a pile of things to donate to the local Goodwill. Just know that it’s an even bigger win when I can fill up the whole roller-cart they provide for donations. Maybe that makes me super dorky. To quote Chucky from Sons of Anarchy, “I accept that.”

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