Less is more (of what?)

This morning in our BBC college group we talked at length about the biblical concept/command of the Sabbath and the rest it packages. During the conversation I stated that one of the reasons I have taken such an interest in minimalism is the emphasis it brings on the “less is more” paradigm. A minimalist will pare down or simplify many areas of their lives, often including possessions and time commitments among other things. It isn’t for the purpose of asceticism, to inflict discomfort on themselves, but rather it is all about creating more space for the few things that are the most important.

I see a lot of value in the practice/philosophy of minimalism, at least to the degree that it causes me to be more aware of what is around me and what I spend my time and money on. As I have given more thought to this way of life, implementing bits of it here and there, I’ve noticed some changes I didn’t expect or strive for. One major shift for me is that I don’t really desire things like I used to. I’ve noticed this more around my birthday and Christmas when gifts are a major focus.

The really interesting and sometimes troubling thing about embracing the “less is more” paradigm is that by cutting out unnecessary things and commitments there is more time to pursue your passions.

What if there isn’t much left to fill that space?

I imagine that many people would fear this journey because they wouldn’t like what is left. They don’t know what is at the core of who they are. I like that I’m approaching this personally. It’s giving me a lot to think about. Who am I if I’m not allowed to stake my identity in my ministry?

This website is a part of my journey. I always mean to write more and this format gives me the opportunity to work out my thoughts and connect with people in longer form. I hope you will continue on with me!

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