My Prayer Support Map

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Last Fall Kelly and I were included in an assortment of prayer cards produced by NAMB (North American Mission Board) which were distributed to many SBC churches across the nation. I was surprised at how well-designed the cards were and humbled that we were chosen to be put on the cards. The purpose of the cards was to connect SBC churches to the missionaries they support through their giving to the Cooperative Program (CP). This is a big part of what it means to be in the SBC – when it comes to missions in the SBC world, the CP is where we send out money to support missionaries.

What I didn’t expect was the response we got from the churches and individuals who received our prayer cards. We now have a stack of letters and cards 5 inches high from all across North America, as far as Hawaii. Just, wow.

As I have been sifting through the prayer cards and letters, overwhelmed by the prayer support, I thought it was only right to map out where they have all come from. The result is the map above. Each point on the map represents a letter or card that we received informing us of prayers being spoken on our behalf. I chose not to include Waianae, Hawaii as it would significantly shrink the map. But you get the idea. I would love to add more points to the map as we gain new prayer partners. Below, I’ve listed the churches and their locations as I had the information. I thought it best to refrain from listing the names of individuals if there was no church name given.

All that to say.. What an honor to be prayed for by so many! If there isn’t a point on the map to represent you and you’d like to pray for us and our ministry, I would love to add you! Tweet me or send me a Facebook message!


Montgomery Memorial Baptist Church (Gainesville, GA)
*No church name* (Aulander, NC)
East Clairemont Southern Baptist Church (San Diego, CA)
Hilltop Baptist Church (Green River, WY)
Crystal Hill Baptist Church (Little Rock, AR)
Coronado Baptist Church (El Paso, TX)
Enterprise Baptist Church (Morristown, TN)
*No church name* (Collinsville, TX)
*No church name* (Century, FL)
Forestdale Baptist Church (Birmingham, AL)
Lonestar Baptist Church (Willard, MO)
Sanford First Baptist Church (Sanford, MI)
Immanuel Baptist Church (Cleveland, MS)
*No church name* (Hendersonville, TN)
Riverside Baptist Church (Cramerton, NC)
Woolsey Baptist Church (Williamson, GA)
High Point Baptist Church (Stuart, VA)
First Baptist Church (Hominy, OK)
First Baptist Church (Fort Worth, TX)
Belmore Baptist Church (San Angelo, TX)
Calvary Baptist Church (Vernon, TX)
Sherwood Baptist Church (Albany, GA)
Macedonia Baptist Church (Ardmore, TN)
*No church name* (Covington, GA)
*No church name* (Brackettville, TN)
Meadowdale Baptist Church (Calhoun, GA)
*No church name* (Winston Salem, NC)
*No church name* (Springfield, MO)
Mount Zion Baptist Church (Pigeon Forge, TN)
New Salem Baptist Church (Carrier Milles, IL)
Memorial Baptist Church (Murray, KY)
First Baptist Church (Haileyville, OK)
Irvington Baptist Church (Irvington, VA)
Trinity Baptist Church (Laramie, WY)
*No church name* (Brackettville, TX)
First Baptist Church (Sevierville, TN)
Redirect Church (Pelion, SC)
Berean Baptist Church (Social Circle, GA)
First Baptist Church (Norman, AR)
Long Run Baptist Church (Louisville, KY)
Ruhana Baptist Church (Fort Payne, AL)
*No church name* (Union City, IN)
Second Baptist Church (Martinsburg, WV)
*No church name* (Tavares, FL)
Makaha Valley Chapel (Waianae, HI)
Mosby Baptist Church (Mosby, MO)
Speedwell Baptist Church (Cullowhee, NC)
Desert Sky Baptist Church (Casa Grande, AZ)
Immanuel Baptist Church (Metropolis, IL)
*No church name* (Decatur, IN)

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