Coffee Shops & Community


Coffee shops make me smile. The cappuccino in the above picture really makes me smile. I drank this earlier today while talking about life and ministry with my friend and fellow associate pastor, Rick. We serve together at Broadman Baptist here in Northeast Ohio. We had lunch together and enjoyed some conversation but nearly as soon as we finished eating lunch, we decided to continue the conversation at the local coffee shop just a few doors down from our deli where we dined.

There’s just something about a coffee shop. This may be a totally subjective analysis, but there’s a certain depth of conversation that can be had over a cup of coffee that can’t be had over a meal. All I know is that I am drawn to coffee shops for the high quality brewed coffee and espresso, the buzz of conversation, and the space to connect more deeply with people.

I believe that God has wired humanity with a need for community. We are built for connecting with other people, so to me, it’s pretty obvious why I gravitate towards coffee shops. It’s not just because I love the drinks they serve. That much is true. But I love connecting with other people, especially college students, with one of those drinks in front of me.

The coffee shop is a pleasing locale for being in the community and experiencing community.

Certainly not everyone feels the way I do about coffee shops specifically. That’s not the important part. Where do you spend your time when you’re not at home or work? What do you like most about it?

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