Ditching the TV


This is my mantle over my fireplace in my living room. A week or so ago, Kelly and I decided to ditch our TV. It used to sit where the picture frame is sitting, with a DVD player and a Nintendo Wii next to it. There were wires and remotes all over it. The reason we decided to ditch the TV, however, was that we were simply watching it far too much and far too often. It became our go-to activity. If we were in the room, Netflix would be playing.

We still watch Netflix from a laptop or iPad, but for much less time and much less often. Our sense of balance is better.

A nice side effect is that our living room feels much brighter and more open without all of that black electronic equipment. And we are being healthier and more productive.

Ditch your TV. Try it, anyway. See what you think.

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