The Next Stage of my Ministry – Pt. II


“You never know when God will change your plans.”

I’m pretty sure that I misquoted it, but the above quote captures the essence of something I heard from 2 different guys at church this past Wednesday. One was a younger guy (just a little older than me) and the other was a much older man. They said this to me separately and about different topics, but nonetheless, I heard them.

That comment, spoken in the best kind of ignorance, struck me. It struck me because I have just lived it over the past couple of weeks.

I’ve been basically silent (at least here on the blog) about my upcoming transition – partly because I’ve had a lot going on, partly because I have been sorting everything out, and partly because of what this post is about in the first place.

God just threw us a curveball.

I received a call out of the blue with a tentative offer for a new ministry position back in North Carolina. The details aren’t important at this point, but it was something that we could not reject outright without thinking and praying through it.

Keeping things concise, we fluctuated from deciding between one job or another to feeling the need to be closer to our families in NC. We recognized that the issue wasn’t so much about choosing between two equally compelling jobs as it was feeling the deep desire to be closer to family, especially as we begin thinking about having kids one day.

Hello, curveball.

We have made the incredibly difficult decision to permanently relocate to NC. We have pulled out of the church plant, reluctantly at first, knowing that to stay could very easily become damaging for us.

With heavy hearts we will leave Ohio at the end of the month. But with deep excitement we will be heading back to North Carolina.

I suppose this is what it looks like to let God call the shots. It doesn’t always make sense, but that’s not the point. We’re just looking forward to what God will do and praying for the right doors to be opened.

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