BCM Fundraising Banquet

On Saturday evening, after months of planning, I (along with quite a few other key people – including staff, board members, friends, and students) had the privilege of hosting the first ever Friends of BCM Fundraising Banquet. None of us had ever tried pulling off an event like this, but we had a great time and raised a nice chunk of support as well. We had lots of folks in attendance from all over the High Country and the Flat Lands, including business people, church family, friends, and alumni. Three of my students told stories about their experiences with BCM, as did one of my board members. Coach Jerry Moore (of back-to-back-to-back National Championship fame) gave the keynote address. It is always encouraging to hear how God is using BCM to change and shape lives.

For many years we have been supported fully by the Baptist State Convention of NC (BSCNC) as a ministry. We were one of 9 campus ministries that received this full level of funding. About a year and a half ago the Convention made the mission-focused decision to pull away from finding campus ministries like this in order to call the local churches to “own” the mission field in their back yards. The big benefit of Convention funding was sustainability and consistent funding. Those are great things, but the unintentional result was that local churches didn’t see the need to be as involved – nor did the campus ministries see the need to work all that hard at including churches. This change in funding structure was massive, but it forced us to rethink how we were doing what we were doing. I, for one, am glad to see the current impact this change is having on our ministry at ASU and in the High Country. I will post more of these dynamics in the very near future.

While at times it felt like we were crossing the finish line, it was more like a starting line. Our goal was $20,000 in one-time and monthly pledges and we pulled in right around $10,000. I am very encouraged by this result. The banquet was about fundraising – but it was more about the Kingdom of God than anything else. Ministry requires money, sure. But if we aren’t laser-focused on the Kingdom of God, then we might as well pack on up and leave.

I am excited to continue sharing the story of God’s work on campuses in the High Country through BCM in the coming weeks, semesters, and years. I believe he is only getting started!


*If you would like to give to BCM of the High Country all of our contact info can be found here and I would be happy to help you sort this out.

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