The Dance/War of Less/More

Pursuit of Less
At heart, I’m a minimalist. That means I believe “less is more.”

Less is difficult.

Less demands discipline.

Less requires clarity.

Assault of More
At heart, I’m a hoarder (of mostly intangible things).

More is easy. Natural.

Technology allows/excuses more.

Follow more people on Twitter.

Subscribe to more blogs.

Say “Yes,” to more committments.

Vast sums of money are made by people who can help empower others to say “Yes,” to more and more, while never giving them an additional hour in the day, or encouraging them to first ask, “Why?”

More crowds out vital. And vital is done half-heartedly in order to make room for more.

The Dance
Neverending. Always inviting.


You have 168 hours.

Split into 7 days.

The dance is learning to do the right things, not just more things.

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