BCM Campus Ministry

The Legacy of Campus Ministry

Yesterday I was having a discussion with Molly and Anna, the BCM staff here at our ASU office, about strategy and mission, when a couple of guys walked in the door. I had met them once before. One was a BSU (Baptist Student Union – what BCM was many years ago) grad from 20 years ago and the other was a colleague of his. They are teachers at a high school down the mountain. They were up for the day to speak to some Education classes, so they decided to come see us, say hello, share some news with us, and pray with us. I was already encouraged when I met these guys last year. They knew one of our recent alumni (who is now serving as a full time missionary in London with the IMB for 2 years) and had both taught her and coached her. They were excited to hear that she was a missionary and we were excited to hear that they had such an impact on her when she was growing up.

When I think of all the ways BCM (or BSU) has changed over the years and decades, it is hard to imagine that legacy that walked in our door yesterday. I often say, “Campus Ministry is a forgetful institution.” Every 4 years we have a whole new batch of students and in that time, lots of little things change on campus and in our ministry. One thing has not changed – God is impacting students lives through BCM. If you’re a student, know that what God is doing in you right now can have a ripple effect for decades to come. If you are not a student or a campus person, this is a good reminder of just how important the campus is as a mission field.

Thanks Matt, for being such an encouragement to us, and thanks to all of you who pray for us on a regular basis! We could do this without you all!

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