Theological Reflection

Remember the Risen Jesus

For 40 days leading up to Easter, many people (however religious they may or may not be) observed the season of Lent. The crescendo of this period of waiting, hoping, and fasting, is Easter – the day when God raised Jesus from the dead. Yesterday many crowds of people marked this special day, and yet it is today that we live the reality of the risen Lord Jesus.

Who can blame Peter for returning to his lifestyle of fishing on Saturday? He was a fisherman when Jesus interrupted his life and called him to follow and to fish in a whole new way. It isn’t so difficult to see that Peter had no idea what he was getting himself into when he chose to follow Jesus. That should come as a relief to us who follow Jesus today. None of us expected to be interrupted by Jesus, and certainly none of us knew what it would mean to follow Jesus. It’s no poor reflection on Peter that his response to Jesus’ death was, “I’m going fishing,” (John 21:3a). This period of death, burial, and resurrection was filled with doubt for Jesus’ closest disciples, but he still returned to them.

I can’t blame Peter or the other disciples for wavering faith and some misunderstandings about who Jesus was and what he was doing because I am guilty of at least as much doubt and misunderstanding. We can get caught up in the religious ceremony of Easter like much of the Christendom world can, but today is the day to continue living in the light of the risen Lord Jesus. If we don’t live in light of the resurrection today, then what did this weekend mean to us who celebrated this resurrection? Who is this Jesus to us? If he is truly the risen Lord, the conqueror of death, the forgiver of sins, the one reigning at the right hand of God, then let us respond accordingly! Let us not simply pay him lip-service as our lives have been forever changed by his triumph!

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