Theological Reflection

After Easter – Next Steps

Yesterday I reflected on remembering the risen Lord Jesus. The Monday after Easter is when our belief is tested. What do we do now? Peter returned to his previous life of fishing after Jesus’ death, but then Jesus came to him again. Like Peter, we return to our lives at the end of Holy Week. What makes us as Jesus followers any different from the rest of the world the day after Holy Week is over? Our response to the resurrection of Jesus should be a renewed vision for the directions Jesus gave us after he rose and just before he ascended.

He simply said, “Make disciples.”

If we view the Easter as simply a meaningful and moving religious observance, then we have grossly misunderstood and undervalued it. As I stated yesterday, this is exactly what the disciples did in response to Jesus’ death. They thought it was all over. Jesus was dead and they might have felt foolish for thinking that Jesus had come to overthrow the government and to establish a new and holy theocracy. But he was killed.

Jesus didn’t scold his disciples. He lovingly invited them in again. Once they started understating what was happening, Jesus then gave them their marching orders.

Make Disciples.

Speak the words.

Proclaim the kingdom.

Teach them to obey Jesus.

In the same self-sacrificial, misunderstood, loving, selfless way that Jesus was commissioned into the world, so we are sent like him (John 17:18).

Yesterday, we reflected on the meaning of Easter after Easter is over. The resurrection was something for one day; it was the inauguration of a totally new way of life. Today, we must reflect on those marching orders Jesus gave us.

For now I’ll leave you with 2 questions:

  1. Are you a follower of Jesus?
  2. Are you making disciples of Jesus?

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