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Thinking About Social Media

My friend Evan Blackerby shared this link today from Time about an Australian gal named Essena who apparently was an Instagram super-hit (500,000+ followers) and just locked down her platforms and plastered them with the message, “Social Media is Not Real.” She was about as successful as you can be and felt empty nonetheless, prompting her to do this shut-down.

If Essena pulled herself off of social media, Seth Godin was never on social media. He’s written something like 17 books and has a massively popular daily blog. And he’s been doing it for years without interruption, and the blog isn’t his biggest thing.

I have a range of thoughts about social media, from whole-hearted endorsement to deep reservations, depending on the use case and platform. Social media has become so ubiquitous so quickly that, by and large, we have no idea what it is doing to the world and what it is doing to us. It offers us some unique ministry and networking opportunities, for sure, but what would break without it? Is it breaking us?

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