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Students Launching Missional Communities

“Jesus wants to see students live their lives as their mission.”
“what vehicle (structure) are you using to give students the opportunity to be disciple-makers and live their lives as their mission? This is an important question because you can say things like, “You are the church, be the church,” and “go and make disciples,” and “live your life as your mission,” and “serve your friends in Jesus’ name,” all day long. But, if you don’t have a vehicle built into your ministry that allows students to actually do those things, then your words will eventually get old, lose their meaning, and cause confusion.””It’s imperative that your vehicles and structures allow your mission and vision to become reality.”

This is from a really interesting post on Collegiate Collective by Mike Suit. I love how focused he is on building the ministry to accomplish the vision. My INTP nature makes it easy for me to get stuck in the 30,000ft conceptual. Mike challenges us to bring it down to systems and vehicles.