Planting Jesus, Multiplying Disciples

I used to want to be a church planter because I wanted to be cool. I wanted that stage and cool-guy mic. I wanted people to tweet what I said and I wanted a brand.

Then I took the red pill.

At least, that’s what Neil Cole would say.

“There is a red pill of sorts that opens our eyes to a more vivid reality of the Kingdom of God” (Organic Church, xviii).

His book Organic Church impacted me more than I think I even realize. It has a way of simplifying things that we Christian leaders tend to overcomplicate.

Jesus didn’t send us to plant churches. He sent us to plant the gospel. When we plant the gospel, we get disciples. When we multiply disciples, we get the church.

I have a tendency to overcomplicate things. The most difficult thing to do is fight for simplicity and stay laser-focused on the most important things. My focus was on me. Cole’s book was the first one that challenged my perspective of the kingdom of God and called me to meaningful simplicity. Most importantly, he called me to step down from the stage in my mind and put Jesus on the throne. He reminded me that Jesus called me to be a disciple who makes disciples, no more, no less.

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