BCM Decentralization

How I Decided to Decentralize

It took over a year to decide to decentralize BCM. Before we ever started talking about anything like a decentralized model, we started with the vision that drives us now. 

No Place Left. 

We were asking ourselves and our students, “How can we reach so widely across this campus that there will be No Place Left without a gospel presence?” What would it take to start a multiplying gospel presence in every dorm and every department? How can we do ministry that works equally well with undergrads, grad students, faculty, and administration alike?

We could either provide programs for the students looking for Christian programs, or we could mobilize every Christian possible to reach their own networks and neighborhoods. The only way we saw to really engage with the No Place Left vision was to flatten our ministry and focus on engaging, training, and releasing. 

We didn’t have it all figured out when we started this process, and we still don’t, but we knew this was the right direction. We thought decentralizing BCM would be a shift in our model. It turns out, it is an entire culture shift. How we think, talk, plan, and act is having to change to line up with this vision. 

No Place Left is biblical and compelling enough to make it worth the difficulty of such a major culture shift. 

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