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Tracking My Support

Almost a year ago I started my journey of transitioning from a salary to support-based ministry. This is fairly novel in the Southern Baptist world. I’ve come across some great resources, tools, and services that help tremendously with support raising – especially for someone who is not serving in an organization with a long history of support-based staff. In lots of way we are building our own in-house system for training and coaching support-based staff.

I’m learning is how easy it is to lose track of who is giving, how much I’ve raised, what percentage of my total goal I’ve raised and what the split is between monthly and annual givers.

A key service I’m using as my Source of Truth is Support Goal. It’s a great service for keeping track of even the most minute details – attempted contacts, birthdays of supporters, notes on supporters, etc. It is the cornerstone of my support raising system. One key thing I would like to refer to is my monthly and annual supporters, the total amounts of each, and my current percentage of my goal. Support Goal will do this, but this spreadsheet I’ve created simplifies it further – and hey, I like it.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 11.15.26 PM

There’s really nothing special about this spreadsheet. It’s just a list of supporters and how much they give. I’ve added 5 formulas (each with a note on the cells) to auto-total the various columns and total percentage. The total monthly and percentage cells have 3 conditional values added to turn the cell RED, YELLOW, or GREEN depending on whether the value is below 50%, between 50-99%, or 100%+. It’s a simple way to indicate progress.

The point: simple and clear data.

If you’d like to play around with this template, you can click the link above. You’ll need to click FILE > MAKE A COPY to edit it for yourself. More than likely, this isn’t even the best way to do what I’m setting out to do. I’m new at this – that’s the whole point. If you have suggestions for improving the system, let me know! Drop me an email or a tweet.

We collegiate ministry practitioners need to do a better job of sharing the resources we use. It may be a document, a spreadsheet, a service, etc. Tim Casteel said it well. Collegiate ministry can be isolating. Let’s do a better job of sharing than siloing.