Dorm of Peace Search


Awkward conversations change lives. Awkward conversations are right on the edge of the kingdom of God. On this occasion, a group of 8 of us from BCM went into one of the dorms for what we sometimes call a Trash Rush. That name only conveys one aspect of what it is. What we really did was go on a Dorm of Peace Search, or what I like to call a DOP Search. I wrote a little about Houses of Peace here. A Dorm of Peace is the same thing as a House of Peace, just on a college campus. 

A DOP Search is one of our methods of Entry Strategy. We split up into Entry Teams (2×2) and a pair of Entry Teams each take one floor. One Entry Team starts on one end of the floor and the other starts at the opposite end. The teams knock on each door until they meet in the middle. 

When someone opens the door, one of the members of the team will say something like,

“Hi, I’m Puck, and this is my friend Chris. We are trying to be a blessing and an encouragement on campus. One of the ways we’re trying to do that is by taking out trash – do you have any trash we can take out for you?”

We collect any trash they may have.

“Another way we are trying to be a blessing is by praying for people. Is there anything we can pray for you?”

This interchange is one way for us to filter people to find a DOP. God has people prepared already in the harvest – the only way to find them is by using the gospel, but we can’t do that unless we’re willing to go out into the harvest. 

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