Campus Ministry Decentralization Links

Link: Think like a Starfish

This post by Scott Kindig and T.J. Joy on the Collegiate Collective is an excellent perspective  on decentralized ministry. Transcending buildings and the need to gather everyone all at once could very well be the key to a much broader and more effective mission. I certainly believe that it is. 

If you are able to decentralize your leadership and get the disciple making DNA of Christ into the students, the location problem will take care of itself. As we help students leverage their ability in Christ to make disciples, the gospel moves from the church building to the dining halls, classrooms, and dorms on campus. We must give our ministries away to the students and mobilize them across campus.

“I believe that every believer has the potential for world transformation in them. If you think that is such an overstatement then think of this … a seed is a potential for a tree and a tree is a potential for a forest but it is all contained in a tree; all the potential of a forest is contained in the one seed. In the same way every believer has the potential for world transformation. There is an “ecclesia” in every one of us and in every “ecclesia” there is a potential for a movement. When we begin to see the church this way, everything changes. It is a massive shift in the way we see ourselves as God’s people.”

–Alan Hirsch