BCM Campus Ministry Disciplemaking Training

Welcome Week – The First Filter

This postcard looks like an invitation. Strictly speaking, it is. We put these postcards in 6,000 PO Boxes on campus just before school started, and we handed out a few hundred more at the welcome week events on campus. While we were mailing and handing out invitations, we were intentionally filtering for people who were compelled to make disciples, or at least interested in the prospect.

“Step 1: Disciple Making Training”

That was another filter. We didn’t host an ice cream social or pizza party – we trained students to make disciples. Let me be clear – I’m not saying ice cream or pizza parties are bad no matter what the order of events might be. If we were going to win over new students, we wanted to win over the ones who are hungry for a mission.

Our mission is to see #NoPlaceLeft where the gospel hasn’t been heard on every campus in the High Country, so we don’t have time for anything that doesn’t directly help us multiply disciples, churches, and movements. Even the little things (like postcards) can work for you or against you. It has taken me 8 years to realize this.