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#NoPlaceLeft – WIGTAKE

When I first encountered the #NoPlaceLeft vision based on Acts 19:10 and Romans 15:23 (among a host of other passages), I was captured by it. So we made stickers. Stickers are how you communicate vision. For some reason, it didn’t really stick (pun intended – sorry).


The idea of #NoPlaceLeft was appealing and biblical, but it was too big to be tangible without breaking it down further. I’ve learned two key concepts that are helping me make more sense of the #NoPlaceLeft vision, and to make it more approachable for others. The first is what we call the Brutal Facts and the second is WIGTAKE.

Brutal Facts 

Until we know some key facts about our fields were we are laboring, we can’t know what #NoPlaceLeft will look like. We need to know the following:

  • Population
  • Birth/Death rate
  • Percentage of lostness in population


“What is it going to take?” We need to know the Brutal Facts about our fields, but we can’t stop there. We need to ask some key questions about how to spread the gospel across the entirety of our fields.

  • How many churches will it take to reach the whole population?
  • How many shepherds are needed to lead and care for the churches?
  • How many seed sowers do we need?

Without asking this question (“What is it going to take?), we will likely toil after the wrong ends and we won’t see the importance of reproducible ministry. These two things make it clear that we must broaden our perspective on what kind of work we are doing.


In my immediate context, we have 18,000 students and 1,500 faculty/staff. We estimate (broadly) that 90% are far from God.

We want to equip and unleash 1,800 student disciple makers (10% of our population) so that the gospel can spread across the campus and into every corner of it.

We need around 200 churches of 8-10 students each who are making disciples together.

We’ll need about 400 student shepherds (2 per church) to care for and lead each church.

Much like the goals we set for our ministry, we are taking our best shot at what we think we will need to accomplish. We may be wrong. But if we’re wrong, we’re wrong in the right direction.

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