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My friend Evan wrote an excellent article on Collegiate Collective called “The Frustration and Power of Why.”

Here are a couple of quotes:

“This simple word — a single-word question — can frustrate, illuminate, or obliterate the execution of your collegiate ministry’s vision.”

“Most of the things that were going on previously were not bad things, but it’s surprising how many “not bad” things can turn out not-so-good when nothing gets filtered. Asking Why? made us focus.”

Our Why Questions
Our ministry has gone through some significant shifts in the last 3 years. Similar to Evan, it all started with asking, “Why?” Here are some of our Why questions:

  • Why haven’t we seen a single salvation in years?
  • Why do we treat leadership as a position?
  • Why don’t students share the gospel?
  • Why do we have a ministry building?
  • Why are our most committed students least likely to make disciples?
  • Why wouldn’t we want to reproduce what we are doing on a new campus?
  • Why are our leaders burning out and fading away?

These questions have been game changers for us. They were painful at times. They also turned out to be both necessary and clarifying. Lean in. Ask the hard questions. It is worth it.