BCM Decentralization Disciplemaking

Family From Mission

The last 2 years have been difficult. We came realized that BCM wasn’t making disciples and it broke our hearts. Week in and week out I would teach from the scriptures and press our students and our ministry toward missionary engagement with the campus. All the while we were meeting for baptist services in a baptist church. None of our meetings were taking place on campus. We had no intentional or consistent pathway for making disciples. We hadn’t seen a single person decide to turn and follow Jesus in 5 years or more. We were sending fewer students on overseas missions each year. Our ministry was shrinking.

This fall, we turned the corner. We are deeply engaged as missionaries on our campus. We go out into the harvest consistently and often. It is more natural for someone in our ministry to share the gospel than not. It isn’t even unexpected when we hear of another student deciding to turn and follow Jesus because two of our students had shared the gospel with them and were discipling them towards Jesus.

We have just celebrated our annual Thanksgiving Feast as a BCM family. It is an exciting and encouraging event because our family gathers around the table and we enjoy one another and what God has done to bring us together. This year, we experienced something different and beautiful. We had to go around the room and introduce ourselves and share how we got connected with this group. What we experienced was a living generational map (or “gen map” for short). There were 4 new believers in the room with us, each with the person who led them to Christ standing next to them. As we listened to each person share how they were connected, we heard stories like this:

“She shared the gospel with me out on Sanford Mall and we’ve been meeting ever since.”

“I was sick in some girl’s bed and he shared the gospel with me, and we’ve been meeting ever since.”

“I was found on a House of Peace Search in my dorm.”

It was a powerful moment for me. I got to meet new believers our students have led to Christ. I’m not “the guy” for any of these people. But we are family nonetheless. We often try to build family first and then go out on mission together. Tonight, it was clear that we went out on mission together, and God turned us into a family.