Campus Ministry

Dandelions & Airports


I love a good metaphor. There’s something beautiful about the way a metaphor can draw out meaning with more clarity. When I share about the importance of engaging college campuses with the gospel, I used to describe them as a dandelion. For a moment God has gathered a variety of students in one location. When that moment is over, they are carried away to different places to land, take root, and multiply. I like the poetry of that.

This metaphor works, I think, to describe the general context of the college campus. With a little intentionality, I think we can change the metaphor to an airport.


We are preparing students for launch. The campus will be their home for a while, but it is not their destination. From the moment someone walks into an airport, they are already bound for their destination. Our students arrive on campus with a destination, likely unknown, already ahead of them. The long term strategy is graduating students who are equipped to make disciples with a vision for reaching the place they are called to. We will send most of our students away. Some will join a plant team bound for a new campus or city. A few will even lead those teams or pack up their lives to go abroad. College students are the most sendable people on earth, but we need to expect this of them and prepare for it with intentionality.