Entry Strategy: Prayer

This morning I went for a prayer drive around our local community college. It has one of the most magnificent views in town, due in part to its location on the fringes of our little mountain town and the community itself. Most community colleges I’m aware of tend not to have this kind of view but all tend to be on the fringes of their community, mostly forgotten.

Part of our mission is to see No Campus Left without a reproducing gospel presence. The Watauga Campus of Caldwell Community College lacks that presence. We want to see that change.

There are a few difficulties in reaching this particular campus. Visitors must collect a visitor parking pass from the receptionist. The campus is so small that there aren’t many people congregating anywhere at any time. And there is a security guard keeping an eye out for anything out of order.

Besides the fact that it was 14° out this morning, these difficulties are why I went for a prayer drive rather than a prayer walk. Our first priority with this campus is Entry. Somehow, we need to enter the field before anything else can happen. One of our first strategies for entering a new field is prayer. We are praying for open doors and for God to raise up laborers from the harvest to reach the rest of the campus. Would you pray that with us?