Campus Ministry

Winter Break: Time for Working On, not Working In

7queynrnuea-les-anderson.jpgWinter break is a season when we get to shift from working in our ministries to working on our ministries. We work in our ministries because we believe in the importance of discipling college students. But if we only ever work in our ministries, we may have a difficult time developing breadth and depth in them. If my schedule as a leader is always full with hands-on ministry, I won’t be able to give attention to the things that grow the ministry over the long haul. I won’t have the time to develop my team. I won’t have time to start work on new campuses. I won’t have time to tell our stories to our supporters or churches.

Working on the ministry requires a total shift of perspective. We need to stop thinking like players and start thinking like coaches and owners. We can completely disconnect (mostly, anyway), or we can focus our energy on the things that will help us lead more effectively in the coming semester and calendar year.

There’s something refreshing about stepping back to work on our ministries. I hope you will leverage this winter break to rest and to grow yourself. I would love to know what you plan to do with your break – tweet me and let me know!