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7 Deadly Sins Preventing CPM

The question “How do you start a Church Planting Movement?” may be the wrong question. A better one might be “What is preventing a Church Planting Movement from happening here?”

The first step in overcoming obstacles to Church Planting Movements is to name them, and then drag them into the light before casting them out.”

These obstacles are called the 7 Deadly Sins:

  1. Blurred Vision – or not having a clear vision for CPM – you can’t hit what you can’t see
  2. Improving the Bible – distorted teachings on the church and on church leadership
  3. Sequentialism – movements don’t happen inch by inch, step by step – things are messier than that
  4. Unsavory Salt – sometimes the local church can be the biggest stumbling block for reaching the unreached
  5. The Devil’s Candy – the sweet Christian virtues that Satan can use to draw us away from CPM
  6. Alien Abduction – when required Christian norms are foreign – when a welfare state of foreign dependency is built – when foreign elements are are injected into the life of the church that cannot be reproduced locally
  7. Blaming God – we either try to do it all on our own by a formula and blame God for not bringing about a CPM or we disregard the ways God has chosen to implement these movements and then proclaim that God simply doesn’t want a movement.

–From Church Planting Movements, by David Garrison (Chapter 14)

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