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End Visioning


Ask God to give you his completed end vision for your people, city or community. Then begin working backwards from that point. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is God’s vision for this people, city or community?
  2. How many churches will it take?
  3. What were those churches look like?
  4. Where will their leaders come from?
  5. What will these leaders need to know?
  6. How will these leaders get the training they need?
  7. How long will this training take?
  8. How many leaders and churches are there now?
  9. How rapidly are new leaders being trained and new churches being planted now?
  10. At your current rate, how long will it take to produce the number of churches needed to fulfill God’s vision for your people, city or community?

–From Church Planting Movements, by David Garrison (loc. 4516-4524)