We Need You (Why I Write)


I find that one of the best ways to sift through my own experiences in making disciples in a collegiate context is through writing. Most often I write in notebooks. Writing for a public like this forces me to consider outside readers. My notebooks are for me. This blog is for me and for you.

I write to focus my thoughts. I write to pull back the curtain a bit so that other leaders in a similar position can learn with me and hopefully avoid paying some of the “idiot tax” that I’ve paid over the years. There’s “learning curve,” and then there’s “idiot tax.” Learning curve is necessary and unavoidable. Idiot tax is completely unnecessary.

For a while I thought I shouldn’t publish anything since I’m not a veteran or an expert. Then I realized I ought to write more exactly because I’m NOT a veteran or an expert. I’m learning as I go. Wouldn’t the best time to share what I’m learning be right in the middle of learning it rather than down the road?

I write because we need you. We need your voice and what you are learning. Over the years my ministry might have been more fruitful if I could have listened in on what what other leaders like me were learning.

A couple of guys who are way smarter than me helped me realize that I ought to write more often. Have a look here and here.