Speaking in Southern Maryland

In mid-November I spent 4 days in Southern Maryland speaking for a Disciple Now (DNow) youth event hosted by 4 partnering churches. They had long planned it, but their speaker pulled out a few months in advance. The senior pastor of one of the churches involved was Chris McCombs – I served with him in Northeast Ohio for 3 years – so he reached out to me and asked if I would be willing to step in and speak. Speaking for events like this isn’t something I do often, but it was a good way to serve a friend and his co-laborers. These churches do DNow together each year and they base the event around a theological doctrine as a topic. This year was the Atonement. I used the Creation / Fall / Rescue / Restoration framework to tell the whole story and show how the Atonement fits into the overall picture.

I certainly wasn’t expecting to find this on the wall in the host church!

We had a great crowd of students from these churches! 


This is my good friend Chris – we all call him PC (Pastor Chris). He took me to Solomon’s Island to eat some amazing food and see the river. It was wonderful to spend time with him.

PC asked me to share about my calling, ministry, #NoPlaceLeft vision and #3Circles in his church – Lexington Park Baptist Church.