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Spanish 411 Training

My friend Francisco asked me to help lead a 411 Training with him for the Spanish-speaking community of believers in Boone. He is a part of Perkinsville Baptist Church and has been pursuing a call to reach the Spanish speakers in our community as a bivocational missionary.

We had 22 adults attend the training and quite a few had children with them. Some of these folks have been out in the harvest with some of our leaders not long ago.

The best part of the training was that while I led it in English, Francisco translated every bit of it as I went along. He did a stellar job and got a chance to practice the whole 411 Training by having to translate it bit by bit.

I mostly just disappeared, or at least tried to, so that Francisco could lead and facilitate. There were at least 3 separate segments of people in this training from different churches or ministries. It was so encouraging to see them uniting around a disciple making training! I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve these fine people and excited to see the Lord providing Spanish-language leadership for them!

The 411 is simply 4 Questions, on 1 sheet of a paper, in 1 hour. The 4 questions are:

  1. Why? (Por que?)
  2. Who? (A quien?)
  3. What? (Que?)
  4. When? (Cuando?)

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