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Mobilizing Legacy Churches

There are 6,300 homes unengaged with the gospel in the 3 mile radius around Boone’s town center. Over the course of a few weeks somewhere around 15% of the entire membership of Perkinsville Baptist Church has been mobilized into the harvest at least once to offer prayer and share the gospel. There are other churches in the area that seem poised and ready to join the adventure. What if every church in this community took ownership of training every member to make disciples and getting the gospel to every resident in the community personally?

It is beautiful to see local legacy churches training and mobilizing their people to engage lostness in their own backyard. Any church can do this. Every church should do this. Perkinsville Baptist Church is just getting started, and I’m certain that it will only be one of a number of churches who will take ownership of the core missionary task in this community!

A lack of practical equipping can keep people from being mobilized. We can help with that! In fact, there are lots of trainings going on that can help, and one happening on February 17 here in Boone! They are free, fun, and really helpful!

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