Beach Vacation 2018

We spent all of last week at Holden Beach, NC. This was our 4th year in a row going to Holden. It has definitely been a crowd-pleaser. This year we had more beach to ourselves than ever before and an unbelievable house to stay in. This is a big week for the Young family, and we are SUPER grateful that we get to do this. 

This year, Emily confronted her fears of the water – both at the pool and in the ocean. She has always been afraid of it, but this year, she decided that she wanted to change that. By Day 2 she let us take her in the pool to kick around, she sat in the surf, and she was “body boarding,” which means she would stand on a boogie board at the shore and lets low tide waves flow over her feet. By the end of the trip, she was LOVING all of it. 

We are pretty sure Silas is already the lone extrovert in our little family. Time will tell, but he always wanted to be where the party was. He loved sand on his toes, and he didn’t bat an eye when we walked him around in the pool. 

On our last full day, I went with Kelly’s dad and brother to take “the bigs” (the bigger kids – there were 7 kids ranging from 5 1/2 to under 2mo) up to Southport to ride the ferry across to Fort Fischer to go to the aquarium. That was an awesome adventure for all of us!

It is such a joy to have these experiences with our kids at such young ages. They are so fun and watching them grow and develop in a true blessing. Now that we are back, we are digging in and working out our plans for what needs to get done so that we can move our family to Long Beach late this fall!