8 Weeks in Long Beach!

Yesterday marked 8 weeks since we moved our family across the country to Long Beach, CA. The time here has certainly flown by.

I traveled to Long Beach 2 weeks before we moved, having called to set appointments to see 70 different houses. Of those 70, I was able to set appointments to see 15 of them in 3 days. And I had to do it on my own – as Kelly had to stay in NC with the kids. Talk about trust! If a house was a good candidate, I would FaceTime with her to walk her through it. This resulted in a top 5 list. I applied for all 5 and then flew back to NC to finish packing and close on our house. Just 7 days before we moved, the Lord answered our prayers. He gave us the house he wanted us to rent! It is the perfect house, in the perfect neighborhood, in the perfect part of town for our family. I’m not sure that I’ve ever been so keenly aware of needing the Lord to provide something as in this situation. We had plane tickets purchased, a moving truck reserved, and a move out date for our old house. It was real. God was faithful.

Our connecting flight from Charlotte to Phoenix was Emily and Silas’ first experience on a plane. Overall they did pretty well. It was a long 4 hours, but it wasn’t bad at all. Ask me some other time about how I left 2 of our suitcases in the security check line… The 3.5 hour layover in Phoenix started to wear on us. Missed naps and uncomfortable arrangements add up. We were still hanging in there, though.

The 1 hour flight from Phoenix to Long Beach was 4x shorter than the first flight but 4x more difficult. Silas was inconsolable. We couldn’t pass him lap to lap due to a certain restriction, and we were policed by an overly stiff flight attendant.

But then we landed and walked down the stairs from the plan to the tarmac and walked into the airport. We made a quick exit into the late afternoon breeze and setting sun. It was amazingly refreshing – and then we were met by our whole team! It was such a beautiful and unexpected welcome!

It took us 8 minutes to drive to our new home – which Kelly had never even seen (as I didn’t even FaceTime her when I first saw it). We fell in love with the house and knew immediately it was exactly what we had hoped for!

My dad drove our 26′ moving truck pulling our SUV by himself all the way from NC to Long Beach over 4 days and after some tough delays on the last day, he made it around 10pm that first night.

It had taken us 2 full days of packing to load the truck, and in subzero windchill the whole time. The local crew from Bridges Church that helped us unload got everything in the house in 27 minutes!

From that moment until now has been 8 weeks of settling in. We have had about as soft of a landing as we could hope for. The Lord has been so gracious to us.

Below are a few pictures of our life and ministry in SoCal so far. It is such a joy to be in the place where God has called us.

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