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NPL on Campus in SoCal

A Dozen Welcome Weeks

Yesterday was the first day of class for the 2019-2020 school year for many of the college campuses in California. It is a season I’m intimately acquainted with after 11 years of collegiate ministry! I really didn’t think I would be doing anything with the college campus once we moved out to SoCal, but the Lord wouldn’t leave me along about it. He released me from the work in Boone, but he didn’t take the burden and vision for collegiate away from me.

LB City College / Cal State Long Beach

Yesterday my teammate Alex and I spent some time at both of our local campuses sharing the gospel. We started at Long Beach City College and then went over Cal State Long Beach. Alex and I shared with a dozen students and we found two who may be interested in some training.

Cal State Northridge

At the same time Alex and I were on campus in Long Beach, the team I have been training in “The Valley” in North LA was on one of their campuses – Cal State Northridge! They got 10 interested contacts in their time tabling!

The local leader for this team is bi-vocational on this campus and when we first met, he told me that in a given week, you were more likely to be engaged spiritually by a Muslim than by an evangelical Christian.

They are turning the tide.

Fishing for laborers now helps with fishing for the lost over the long haul.

There have been a few major differences in our work with college campuses since we moved to SoCal. Now, we are seeing the college campuses as what we call “strategic villages” within the city. If we reach these, we will more effectively reach the city and beyond. Second, we are catalyzing new works on other campuses in our region.

We currently have NPL teams at LBCC, CSULB, CSUN, Biola, Cal Baptist, Pasadena City College, SDSU, Fresno State, with many others emerging! Would you pray for these teams that they would see fruit that lasts, and pray for new NPL teams to emerge on campuses across California?

If you want to pursue #NoPlaceLeft on your campus, or start from scratch on a campus near you, I’d love to help you get going!