Today is Giving Day!

Greetings from the Pucketts in sunny SoCal! We need your prayers and consideration as we work to raise tax-deductible gifts in preparation for 2020 ministry.

Today is a special day – e3 Giving Day is a day when every dollar you give is worth more than $1! Our organization is enhancing every dollar given to staff support accounts from a $100,000 pool for today only! Would you consider giving a special gift, or going above and beyond if you already give, to help us fund the work God has called us to?

Current needs:
-$3,000 monthly giving
-$15,000 year-end gifts

Our family is so thankful to get to serve Jesus together, multiplying healthy disciples and churches in Long Beach, Los Angeles, and to the ends of the earth until there’s No Place Left!

Love, the Pucketts!