Training in Maine

In my role with e3 Partners as North America Region Director, a key part I play in our work is “holding up the gaps.” That means I always have an eye to the places where we are not. There are 2 areas in particular: the largest metropolitan areas and the least reached peoples and places. Near the very top of the least reached places list is Portland, ME. Barna details this list here.

We were scheduled to train a church in person in Portland 3 times in 2020, starting this month (May). Once again, COVID-19 prevented this from happening. At first I was frustrated that these in-person events couldn’t happen. There’s something powerful about being together in-person, but we no longer had that luxury. Thankfully, we were able to shift to online-based training and carry on.

Our team of 3 trainers shared stories from the harvest, the brutal facts of lostness in Maine (pictured above), biblical vision for No Place Left, and a simple tool to equip believers to start sharing the gospel and making disciples. We trained over 20 people from 4 different churches around Portland.

The most encouraging aspect of this whole thing is that even in light of lockdown orders and a late spring snow in Maine, God allowed our team of trainers from California, Alabama, and Kentucky to serve these believers in one of the highest spots on list of the Least-Reached-Places in the US. The kingdom cannot be contained.