Problem Solving During a Crisis

In the midst of the COVID-19 shutdowns, our team has been trying to make the most of the days. For us, one of our highest priorities is the leaders we are working with. One thing that has been especially helpful for us is walking through what I’ve been calling a Next Generation exercise.

The essence of the exercise is visualizing the work that they are currently stewarding while addressing which people or groups/churches are closest to getting to the next generation, any barriers they may be facing, and some action items to take some next steps. We sprinkle in some encouragement, clarifying questions, and practical suggestions as well.

The facilitator is usually using an iPad and Apple Pencil and the whiteboard mode in Zoom to draw a simple representation throughout the conversation. Sometimes it is done on paper with a screen-share.

We aim to have at least 3 voices present in addition to the person presenting their work. Below is the basic outline for this exercise.

  1. What is God doing now?  (Tell the story as you/someone else draw)
  2. Who are your 1-3-9?  (or what are you looking for as minimums in potential leaders)
  3. What are you believing God for?
  4. What are your current barriers?
  5. What are some actions you can take to move things forward?

• Who are the ones close to multiplying?
• Ask about each of the 4 fields