About Us

Thanks so much for connecting with us! We hope our story and our ministry can help equip you to be a disciple of Jesus who multiplies disciples and churches everywhere!

We are the Puckett Family.

Puck, Kelly, Emily (6), Silas (2), and a new little one (coming November 2020!) – a family who exists to make Jesus’ Name great among the nations.  While we serve/train across North America, we are living on mission among the 93% unchurched community of Southern California. We are committed to the #NoPlaceLeft vision of local ownership of the core missionary task (Acts 13-14) among every people in every place. As benchmarks, we are laboring to establish 500 missionary teams across California in 3 years (2021).  We are also laboring to establish coalitions of indigenous church planting teams in the top 50 cities in North America by end of 2025. We are committed to seeing unreached & under-reached communities transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ via the multiplication of healthy disciples and healthy churches using 4 Fields Process. Puck serves as the Region Director for North America for e3 PartnersI Am Second who has a vision to establish 1 million healthy churches globally by 2025.  We are also part of the #NoPlaceLeft Coalition of global CPM trainers/practitioners/catalytic teams.

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What We Do

Our Vision: The Great Commission | Matthew 28:18-20
– Local (California): establish 500 missionary teams across California by 2021.
– North America: establish 3+ catalytic church planting teams in top 50 cities by end of 2025.
– Global: laboring to see 1 million healthy churches established globally by 2025 and every unreached people group and place engaged with the gospel by 2025.

Our Ministry Focus:
1. EQUIP: believers to make disciples & establish healthy churches via 4 Fields Process
2. EVANGELIZE lost communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ
3. ESTABLISH healthy, reproducing churches locally and globally

Our Strategy – The 4 Fields Process
The 4 Fields of Kingdom Growth by Nathan & Kari Shank

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