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4 Fields Intensive in the Valley

In early 2019 I had the joy of training this family and helping them start a church in their home. Since then, they have led a number of people to Jesus, trained other leaders, and connected deeply with our local group of network leaders. Jesus is moving in the Valley!

At the beginning of this month we facilitated a 4 Fields Intensive training with our team in the San Fernando Valley. These Intensive trainings are anywhere from 2-4 days long. They can be really disruptive. The reason for this disruptive effect has everything to do with the posture of the training. We spend a significant amount of time digging deep into the Bible discovering principles for multiplying disciples, churches, and leaders. We get back to the Word and build everything we do from it.

Yann & Janet are our local leaders in the San Fernando Valley. They embody the heart and mission of Jesus and leverage their professional lives for Him.

As we dig deeper and deeper into the word for our motivations and our methods, we come away challenged to reevaluate the things we do based on the Bible itself. It is beautiful to see our hearts, minds, and practices shift in response to the Bible itself. I have been a part of quite a few Intensives and every time I come away with new insights.

Where some of our Intensives are large events gathering anywhere fork 30-100 people, since Covid we have been doing smaller events of 8-15 people in homes where we can still socially distance as needed.

In this particular training we gathered 12-15 people for 2 full days focusing on the patterns of Jesus & Paul and looking closely at church identity, function, and health in pioneering settings.

Much of our intensive training revolves around small groups of highly participatory discussion.

Some of the trainings we do are focused on helping believers begin to make disciples with simple tools. As intensive is much more focused on biblical principles for multiplication. It is common in this setting to see new leaders emerge and existing leader grow in vision and calling.

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Growing Leaders

L-R: John, Scott, Matthew

Four years ago these guys started their freshman year at AppState – Matthew and John as students, Scott as new staff with our campus ministry where his wife Anna and I both served. We were just starting to pursue movement on our campus. The question that was driving us was, “What is it going to take to get the gospel to 19,000 college students before they graduate?” We didn’t have any idea what the Lord would do, but we were trusting Him to work. These men went to battle toward that end and are continuing to lead even as our family launched to Los Angeles a year and a half ago. Scott began to lead his family on mission like never before. Matthew and John each found their wives in Church in the Harvest and matured from boys into men, while leading peers to follow Jesus and fish for men.

These men are good, godly leaders. In the next year or so, one will be headed to a global city in North America, one will be headed to a global city in the Middle East / Central Asia, and the other will carry on leading the work locally from a bivocational platform. I’m so thankful for these brothers and how the Lord is working through their families. I am eager to see the army of leaders these men leave behind as the Lord sends them out. It has been said that movements rise and fall on leadership development. These men and their amazing wives are the kinds of people to whom God would entrust a movement. May it be so, Lord!