Our 4Fields Training Process

At first encounter, our training process can sound complicated or foreign, even despite the fact that it is simple and elegant. It is reproducing all over North America and the nations.

Our teammate Rick Preato created this graphic to illustrate our process. I have also included a Spanish version that Don Waybright shared that was translated by Allan Lorenza.

If you are interested in any part of this training, please reach out to me!

Our House is on the Market!

And just like that, our house is on the market!

One of the major projects we have been working on for some time now is getting our house on the market to be sold. Saying it has been a challenge to get it ready while chasing two small kids and taking care of everything else is a bit of an understatement. 

This house has become our home. We have raised our kids here. We have hosted church here. We have tested our maximum occupancy limit with college students. We have filled this place with memories of all kinds. In many ways, Boone has become more of our home than anywhere else, and this house is really home. 

It has been a wonderful season here. It is bittersweet to consider that this season is coming to a close, but we are so excited for the next stage in our lives and calling – as hard as it will be to leave Boone, it will be so exciting to finally get settled in Long Beach, CA!

If you would like to join our ministry support team to help us make the our cross-country move to the West Coast, you can hit the button below!

Puck & Chuck Test

Chuck Wood and I had a good time testing out some software for doing interviews. There are some amazing tools available to us for serving Jesus and his people.

#NoPlaceLeft Boone Progress

#NoPlaceLeft is “Local ownership of the core missionary task for all peoples and places.”
That’s what we are working toward globally, including Boone, NC. Today I saw a couple of clear mile markers toward this end.

It was surreal and deeply encouraging to hear Seth Norris, pastor of Perkinsville Baptist Church, preach the 9 Functions of Church from Acts during our big outdoor celebration service. Simple, biblical, reproducible tools are taking root in our legacy churches. Seth has led PBC to launch a #NoPlaceLeft Residency as well. I can’t overstate how beautiful this partnership relationship has been with Perkinsville.

Tonight, part of our #NoPlaceLeft Boone team cast vision for an upcoming training on June 16. These are all locals from Boone and the training will be facilitated entirely by locals. It is so encouraging to see the Lord raising up local leaders to finish the task here. It makes launching to Southern California that much easier.

Preaching at Radiant Life Fellowship

On Sunday I had the honor of preaching at Radiant Life Fellowship for my good friend Chris Thompson from Acts 4.

You can listen to my sermon here.

Chris was my youth pastor many moons ago and now we are brothers and co-laborers.

Lori Hines (L) and Jenny Thompson (R) taught my Sunday School class from 9th grade through 12th grade.

So grateful for the opportunity to serve these awesome people!

12 Week Year – Goal Setting

In this video I discussed the process of goal setting with some NPL City Leaders. This discussion began here. It is an honor to work with leaders of this caliber. I can’t overstate how much I learn from these leaders and others like them in the No Place Left community. I hope this conversation will be helpful to you as you consider how to execute more effectively on your critical goals and vision.