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Movements Podcast – No Place Left LA

I’m thankful for the opportunity to be on Movements Podcast with Steve Addison to share about how God is moving here in Los Angeles and what we are learning along the way.


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#NoPlaceLeft Boone Progress

#NoPlaceLeft is “Local ownership of the core missionary task for all peoples and places.”
That’s what we are working toward globally, including Boone, NC. Today I saw a couple of clear mile markers toward this end.

It was surreal and deeply encouraging to hear Seth Norris, pastor of Perkinsville Baptist Church, preach the 9 Functions of Church from Acts during our big outdoor celebration service. Simple, biblical, reproducible tools are taking root in our legacy churches. Seth has led PBC to launch a #NoPlaceLeft Residency as well. I can’t overstate how beautiful this partnership relationship has been with Perkinsville.

Tonight, part of our #NoPlaceLeft Boone team cast vision for an upcoming training on June 16. These are all locals from Boone and the training will be facilitated entirely by locals. It is so encouraging to see the Lord raising up local leaders to finish the task here. It makes launching to Southern California that much easier.

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NPL Boone City Update

Kelly and I give a little snapshot of the work God is doing in NPL Boone. For every one thing I share there are 10 more that I wish I did/could share.

Chuck Wood filmed this at the NPL U.S. Vision Retreat at the beginning of May, 2018. He has a ton of great content on his YouTube channel.

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411 Training

There are lots of ways to go about disciple making training. 411 has been the simplest and most reproducing tool I’ve come across to help someone get started. If you would like to be trained, contact me!

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Movements Podcast with Steve Addison

Steve Addison interviewed me for the Movements Podcast. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share some of my story of shifting from doing ministry to pioneering movements.

Podcast links for Pt 1 & Pt 2.

Via – Movements

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Harvest Stories (NPL Boone Team)

I did my best to capture these stories without getting in the way. Each story is beautiful and encouraging. I’m so thankful for the leaders and practitioners the Lord is raising up here in Boone.

We are truly seeing a #NoPlaceLeft Boone city coalition emerge.

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Preaching at Radiant Life Fellowship

On Sunday I had the honor of preaching at Radiant Life Fellowship for my good friend Chris Thompson from Acts 4.

You can listen to my sermon here.

Chris was my youth pastor many moons ago and now we are brothers and co-laborers.

Lori Hines (L) and Jenny Thompson (R) taught my Sunday School class from 9th grade through 12th grade.

So grateful for the opportunity to serve these awesome people!


12 Week Year – Goal Setting

In this video I discussed the process of goal setting with some NPL City Leaders. This discussion began here. It is an honor to work with leaders of this caliber. I can’t overstate how much I learn from these leaders and others like them in the No Place Left community. I hope this conversation will be helpful to you as you consider how to execute more effectively on your critical goals and vision.

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12 Week Year Discussion

I spent some time discussing the 12 Week Year with some #NoPlaceLeft leaders from around the US. It helped me clarify it more for myself by leading the discussion and I took away some other solid ideas from these leaders. Hopefully it will be helpful to you as well.

Here’s the doc I shared in the video.

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See, Here is Water!

As seen in the story of Philip and the Ethiopian Official (Acts 8), baptisms can happen in unexpected locations. In the last few months we have had baptisms occur in the university pool (Video 1), a local hotel pool (Videos 2 & 3), and in the river (Video 4). Each one is marked by the simple joys of disciplers baptizing their new disciples and being surrounded by friends, family, and their new church family.

I’ve written about baptisms before here and here.

We cannot reproduce healthy disciple making, church formation, and leadership development if we are not giving away responsibility at every level as we go. This is a key value in the 4 Fields strategy that we are using.