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My Story and Motivation (Video)

Last month, I spent 5 days at a Strategy Coordinator Training in Raleigh, NC learning from movement leaders from all over the world (US / Canada / South Asia / Africa / Haiti). I was asked to share a devotional to open the training for one of the days. Chuck Wood captured it so I thought I would share it here. He has some excellent content and resources on his YouTube channel, so go dig deep.

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No Place Left Vision

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Engaging Missions Podcast


In the span of less than 7 days I have episodes of podcasts releasing from No Campus Left and Engaging Missions! Tom and Bryan are both great hosts of great shows and I’m really grateful for the opportunities they gave me to share about what God has been doing here in the High Country.

Here’s where you can find the specific podcast episode from Engaging Missions.

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NCL Podcast – Grit Culture

Last month Anna and I were on the No Campus Left Podcast to share about our experience in BCM over the last few years. I didn’t even realize until shortly before recording the podcast that we had grit. When I listened to the podcast once it was released, I was really encouraged by the ways God has been faithful especially in the tough times of transition. The last two years were the hardest years of ministry I’ve experienced yet, but I’m thankful for them and how God has worked on the other side of them. I hope you’ll download it and listen!

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The Four Fields Overview

  1. How do I enter a new field?
  2. What do I say?
  3. How do I make disciples?
  4. How do I form churches?
  5. How do I develop leaders?

These are the questions that must be answered to form a compete church planting strategy. If “#NoPlaceLeft” is the address we’ve  entered into our “GPS,” these questions and the following process are what guide our ministry.