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Growing Leaders

L-R: John, Scott, Matthew

Four years ago these guys started their freshman year at AppState – Matthew and John as students, Scott as new staff with our campus ministry where his wife Anna and I both served. We were just starting to pursue movement on our campus. The question that was driving us was, “What is it going to take to get the gospel to 19,000 college students before they graduate?” We didn’t have any idea what the Lord would do, but we were trusting Him to work. These men went to battle toward that end and are continuing to lead even as our family launched to Los Angeles a year and a half ago. Scott began to lead his family on mission like never before. Matthew and John each found their wives in Church in the Harvest and matured from boys into men, while leading peers to follow Jesus and fish for men.

These men are good, godly leaders. In the next year or so, one will be headed to a global city in North America, one will be headed to a global city in the Middle East / Central Asia, and the other will carry on leading the work locally from a bivocational platform. I’m so thankful for these brothers and how the Lord is working through their families. I am eager to see the army of leaders these men leave behind as the Lord sends them out. It has been said that movements rise and fall on leadership development. These men and their amazing wives are the kinds of people to whom God would entrust a movement. May it be so, Lord!

NPL Boone Training

Training in Action

I felt like a proud dad today as I received updates on the training taking place in Boone. I’m thankful for the leaders the Lord is raising up.

NPL Boone Training

Boone Gospel Conversations Training

While we are off the mountain for the weekend, the #NoPlaceLeft Boone team is prepping tonight to facilitate a Gospel Conversations Training tomorrow. I’m so encouraged by what the Lord is doing in Boone through these people. They are the reason we feel so confident in our exit to make the move to Southern California.

These are local leaders taking ownership of the core missionary task for the field God has called them to. We are praying that the Lord would raise up teams like this all over SoCal and the Western US. This is a work worth giving our lives to.


Two Years of Scott

Yesterday marked two years since Scott Kilby officially joined our team. It feels like it was just yesterday and 10 years ago because time flies and it’s hard to imagine our team and work without him.

Scott, Anna, and I all ended up intersecting in BCM in unexpected ways and I couldn’t be more grateful for them and how God has been at work in and around us.

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First Local Baptism!

A few weeks ago, our #NoPlaceLeft Boone team had their first baptism of a new believer! Haley led her to faith so Haley baptized her. Seth, the senior pastor of Perkinsville Baptist Church (their their legacy church), a family member who is an elder at Perkinsville, and another family member were all in the water with them.

It is so encouraging to see the kingdom expand and it is especially encouraging to see a local church empowering believers to make disciples, baptize them, and teach them to obey Jesus.

Harvest Story Media NPL Boone Training

#NoPlaceLeft Boone Progress

#NoPlaceLeft is “Local ownership of the core missionary task for all peoples and places.”
That’s what we are working toward globally, including Boone, NC. Today I saw a couple of clear mile markers toward this end.

It was surreal and deeply encouraging to hear Seth Norris, pastor of Perkinsville Baptist Church, preach the 9 Functions of Church from Acts during our big outdoor celebration service. Simple, biblical, reproducible tools are taking root in our legacy churches. Seth has led PBC to launch a #NoPlaceLeft Residency as well. I can’t overstate how beautiful this partnership relationship has been with Perkinsville.

Tonight, part of our #NoPlaceLeft Boone team cast vision for an upcoming training on June 16. These are all locals from Boone and the training will be facilitated entirely by locals. It is so encouraging to see the Lord raising up local leaders to finish the task here. It makes launching to Southern California that much easier.

Disciplemaking NPL Boone Training

Boone Gospel Conversations Training


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NPL Boone City Update

Kelly and I give a little snapshot of the work God is doing in NPL Boone. For every one thing I share there are 10 more that I wish I did/could share.

Chuck Wood filmed this at the NPL U.S. Vision Retreat at the beginning of May, 2018. He has a ton of great content on his YouTube channel.

CPM Disciplemaking NPL Boone Training

NPL Boone City Team

In all of my training and vision casting for #NoPlaceLeft in Boone, I never really expected a city team to emerge. And yet here they are. The Lord is always doing more than we can see or expect. I’m so grateful for this team and the others who are a part of it too.

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#NoPlaceLeft Boone

Over the last 3-6 months, I’ve noticed that something new is emerging here in Boone. We have a campus team that has been going full steam ahead. We have a community team that has emerged from our training efforts. We are seeing the beginnings of a Spanish team forming here as well. There is now a church-based No Place Left church planting Residency in full swing as well.

Our campus team (functionally, “BCM” or “Church in the Harvest”) has become one team on a team of teams. Praise God! In hopes of mobilizing more laborers, developing more leaders, and multiplying disciple making and church planting teams, we have created a simple website to help unify these people and this work.