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What is a CPM?

A Church Planting Movement (CPM), according to David Garrison is:

a rapid multiplication of indigenous churches planting churches that sweeps through a people group or population segment.

From: Garrison, Church Planting Movements, 21

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Sustainability in Church Planting Strategies

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Note the differences in the verbs:

  • Fund vs. Train
  • Require vs. Multiply
  • Provide vs. Equip
  • Depend vs. Graduate

Addition is good but multiplication is better. It won’t happen by accident.

You can find my simple table in a Google Doc here.

via Movements That Change the World, by Steve Addison (Chapter 5)

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End Visioning


Ask God to give you his completed end vision for your people, city or community. Then begin working backwards from that point. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is God’s vision for this people, city or community?
  2. How many churches will it take?
  3. What were those churches look like?
  4. Where will their leaders come from?
  5. What will these leaders need to know?
  6. How will these leaders get the training they need?
  7. How long will this training take?
  8. How many leaders and churches are there now?
  9. How rapidly are new leaders being trained and new churches being planted now?
  10. At your current rate, how long will it take to produce the number of churches needed to fulfill God’s vision for your people, city or community?

–From Church Planting Movements, by David Garrison (loc. 4516-4524)

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7 Deadly Sins Preventing CPM

The question “How do you start a Church Planting Movement?” may be the wrong question. A better one might be “What is preventing a Church Planting Movement from happening here?”

The first step in overcoming obstacles to Church Planting Movements is to name them, and then drag them into the light before casting them out.”

These obstacles are called the 7 Deadly Sins:

  1. Blurred Vision – or not having a clear vision for CPM – you can’t hit what you can’t see
  2. Improving the Bible – distorted teachings on the church and on church leadership
  3. Sequentialism – movements don’t happen inch by inch, step by step – things are messier than that
  4. Unsavory Salt – sometimes the local church can be the biggest stumbling block for reaching the unreached
  5. The Devil’s Candy – the sweet Christian virtues that Satan can use to draw us away from CPM
  6. Alien Abduction – when required Christian norms are foreign – when a welfare state of foreign dependency is built – when foreign elements are are injected into the life of the church that cannot be reproduced locally
  7. Blaming God – we either try to do it all on our own by a formula and blame God for not bringing about a CPM or we disregard the ways God has chosen to implement these movements and then proclaim that God simply doesn’t want a movement.

–From Church Planting Movements, by David Garrison (Chapter 14)

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10 Commandments for Church Planting Movements

  1. Immerse your community in prayer. 
  2. Saturate your community with the gospel. 
  3. Cling to God’s Word. 
  4. Fight against foreign dependency. 
  5. Eliminate all non-reproducible elements. 
  6. Live the vision that you wish to fulfill. 
  7. Build reproduction into every believer and church. 
  8. Train all believers to evangelize, disciple and plant churches. 
  9. Model, assist, watch, leave. 
  10. Discover what God is doing and join him. 

–From Church Planting Movements, by David Garrison

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10 Factors Frequently Involved in Church Planting Movements

In most Church Planting Movements:

  1. A climate of uncertainty
  2. Insulation from outsiders
  3. A high cost for following Christ 
  4. Bold fearless faith
  5. Family-based conversion patterns 
  6. Rapid incorporation of new believers 
  7. Worship in the heart language 
  8. Divine signs and wonders
  9. On-the-job leadership training 
  10. Missionaries suffered

–From Church Planting Movements, by David Garrison (loc. 3538-3545)

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10 Universal Elements in Every Church Planting Movement

  1. Extraordinary prayer
  2. Abundant evangelism
  3. Intentional planting of reproducing churches
  4. The authority of God’s Word
  5. Local leadership
  6. Lay leadership
  7. House churches
  8. Churches planting churches 
  9. Rapid reproduction 
  10. Healthy churches

–From Church Planting Movements, by David Garrison (loc. 2615-2623)

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Rapid Reproduction in Movements

“Rapid reproduction indicates that several healthy dynamics are present in the movement:

  1. The movement has gone beyond the control of the missionary or any other outsider.
  2. The movement has its own internal momentum.
  3. The new Christians passionately believe their message to be so important that it must spread rapidly.
  4. The harvest fields are confirmed to be ripe unto harvest.
  5. All the elements that are foreign to the church – and not easily reproduced – have been eliminated.”

From Church Planting Movements, David Garrison (loc. 2990-2998)

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10 Markers of a Multiplying Movement

  1. Expanded Vision
  2. Focused Prayer
  3. Simple, reproducible gospeling tools
  4. Abundant seed sowing
  5. Frequent, intentional training
  6. Rapid obedience
  7. Generational discipleship
  8. Loving accountability
  9. Celebrating stories
  10. Multiplying churches

Turning Everyday Conversations into Gospel Conversations, by Jimmy Scroggins & Steve Wright (14)