Training in Maine

In my role with e3 Partners as North America Region Director, a key part I play in our work is “holding up the gaps.” That means I always have an eye to the places where we are not. There are 2 areas in particular: the largest metropolitan areas and the least reached peoples and places. Near the very top of the least reached places list is Portland, ME. Barna details this list here.

We were scheduled to train a church in person in Portland 3 times in 2020, starting this month (May). Once again, COVID-19 prevented this from happening. At first I was frustrated that these in-person events couldn’t happen. There’s something powerful about being together in-person, but we no longer had that luxury. Thankfully, we were able to shift to online-based training and carry on.

Our team of 3 trainers shared stories from the harvest, the brutal facts of lostness in Maine (pictured above), biblical vision for No Place Left, and a simple tool to equip believers to start sharing the gospel and making disciples. We trained over 20 people from 4 different churches around Portland.

The most encouraging aspect of this whole thing is that even in light of lockdown orders and a late spring snow in Maine, God allowed our team of trainers from California, Alabama, and Kentucky to serve these believers in one of the highest spots on list of the Least-Reached-Places in the US. The kingdom cannot be contained.


Church Training Rollout

This is how facilitate a full 4 Fields Training Rollout with a local church. One of our teammates created this image and knocked it out of the park. If you are interested in hosting a training rollout, you can find my contact on the About Us page. If you’d like to learn more about our training process, you can find that here. For our upcoming training schedule, you can look here.

NPL Boone Training

Training in Action

I felt like a proud dad today as I received updates on the training taking place in Boone. I’m thankful for the leaders the Lord is raising up.

NPL Boone Training

Boone Gospel Conversations Training

While we are off the mountain for the weekend, the #NoPlaceLeft Boone team is prepping tonight to facilitate a Gospel Conversations Training tomorrow. I’m so encouraged by what the Lord is doing in Boone through these people. They are the reason we feel so confident in our exit to make the move to Southern California.

These are local leaders taking ownership of the core missionary task for the field God has called them to. We are praying that the Lord would raise up teams like this all over SoCal and the Western US. This is a work worth giving our lives to.

4 Fields Training

No Place Left U.S.A. Retreat

At the beginning of May, Kelly (and Silas) and I gathered with #NoPlaceLeft city leaders from all over the U.S. in a little North Carolina mountain holler called Buladean. It’s the kind community where you have to exit NC into TN and then enter back into NC just to get to it. Beautiful. Peaceful. Difficult to access. A good friend and ministry partner of mine was born and raised here!

We spent 4 and a half days praying and studying the Word together, learning, and sharpening one another. The work we do is so geographically distributed from one another that we are more used to seeing one another on a Zoom video conference than in person. I met at least 6 of the city leaders for the first time (and not just in person) on this trip. It was a deeply encouraging time to be with brothers and sisters doing the same work in so many other cities. It was especially encouraging getting to spend some time with our teammates (Troy Cooper & Rick Preato).

The specific cities represented were (in no particular order):

  • Austin, TX
  • Houston, TX
  • San Antonio, TX
  • Dallas / Fort Worth, TX
  • Kansas City, MO
  • Charlotte, NC
  • West Point, NY
  • Jensen Beach, FL
  • Raleigh, NC
  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • Oklahoma City, OK
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Long Beach, CA
  • Gainesville, FL
  • Memphis, TN
  • Boone, NC
Harvest Story Media NPL Boone Training

#NoPlaceLeft Boone Progress

#NoPlaceLeft is “Local ownership of the core missionary task for all peoples and places.”
That’s what we are working toward globally, including Boone, NC. Today I saw a couple of clear mile markers toward this end.

It was surreal and deeply encouraging to hear Seth Norris, pastor of Perkinsville Baptist Church, preach the 9 Functions of Church from Acts during our big outdoor celebration service. Simple, biblical, reproducible tools are taking root in our legacy churches. Seth has led PBC to launch a #NoPlaceLeft Residency as well. I can’t overstate how beautiful this partnership relationship has been with Perkinsville.

Tonight, part of our #NoPlaceLeft Boone team cast vision for an upcoming training on June 16. These are all locals from Boone and the training will be facilitated entirely by locals. It is so encouraging to see the Lord raising up local leaders to finish the task here. It makes launching to Southern California that much easier.

Disciplemaking NPL Boone Training

Boone Gospel Conversations Training


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CPM Disciplemaking NPL Boone Training

NPL Boone City Team

In all of my training and vision casting for #NoPlaceLeft in Boone, I never really expected a city team to emerge. And yet here they are. The Lord is always doing more than we can see or expect. I’m so grateful for this team and the others who are a part of it too.

Campus Ministry Disciplemaking Training

Reproducing Training

Jeff is a brother who serves as campus missionary at Eastern Kentucky University BCM. He and I serve on adjacent teams within the national committee called Baptist Collegiate Network, or BCNet.

Jeff reached out to me to ask some questions about 3 Circles because he had seen some of my updates here and on Twitter related to that tool and our process for disciple making. We talked for a while on that first video call and we set up a second video call to run through our 411 Training.

That following week, he trained his BCM leadership team and then they trained most of the rest of the ministry. He shared with me how he had led some other trainings as well – and was even asked by a state leader to train other BCM campus missionaries in 411.

We recently had a call to discuss how to train large groups. The pictures above are from that training.

Think about the implications of this. I trained Jeff and his intern in about an hour over a video call. Now he has trained hundreds of other believers to make disciples. This is a game changer.

If you’d like to be trained in 411, contact me.

Disciplemaking Media Training

411 Training

There are lots of ways to go about disciple making training. 411 has been the simplest and most reproducing tool I’ve come across to help someone get started. If you would like to be trained, contact me!