Disciplemaking NPL Boone Training

NPL Boone Training Team

This is our fearless No Place Left Boone training team – they will be facilitating the training all day here in Boone. I’m so grateful for all these brothers and sisters who are laborers on the team. Would you pray with us that God would multiply them?

Disciplemaking NPL Boone Training

Charlotte / Boone Training Team

Partnership is a beautiful thing. In a coalition like No Place Left where there is no leadership structure, no headquarters, and no money, vision, relationship, and partnership is all we have. And it is really powerful.

L to R: Steve, Haley, Baliey, Spencer, Paige, Caleb, Noah

The 5 on the left are a part of the NPL Boone team and the 2 on the right are a part of the NPL Charlotte team based out of FBC Charlotte. Caleb is also one of my grads. He and Spencer have become brothers to me. They are answers to prayers.

One of the best parts of training is the prep leading into it. This time as a training team is what builds trainers. The prep is the training. The training identifies new laborers and teams / team members.

It would be easy to downplay or skip over the prep time, but it is critical to a good training event.

It is amazing and so encouraging to watch new trainers take their first stab at it in prep and watching them soar during the next day’s training like Haley, Steve, and Paige all did!

When you prep well as a team, the training goes well. These guys and gals nailed it!

Disciplemaking NPL Boone Training

Avery Association 411 Training

On Monday night Spencer and Bailey and I traveled down to Pineola, NC (a crossroads in neighboring Avery County) to facilitate a 411 Training for some leaders of churches in the Avery Baptist Association.

We started by casting vision for #NoPlaceLeft in Watauga County and Northwestern NC and then trained these folks in 411.

At the end of the training, I challenged each person to try to train at least 2-3 people from their churches each week. The very next day one of the leaders we trained had already trained two other people!

More often than not this is what it looks like when new No Place Left teams begin to emerge. I’m praying that we will see a #NoPlaceLeft Avery team emerge who will take personal ownership of getting the gospel to the 17,000 residents of their community by making disciples who make disciples and training believers to make disciples who make disciples until there’s No Place Left.

NPL Boone Training

Mobilizing Legacy Churches

There are 6,300 homes unengaged with the gospel in the 3 mile radius around Boone’s town center. Over the course of a few weeks somewhere around 15% of the entire membership of Perkinsville Baptist Church has been mobilized into the harvest at least once to offer prayer and share the gospel. There are other churches in the area that seem poised and ready to join the adventure. What if every church in this community took ownership of training every member to make disciples and getting the gospel to every resident in the community personally?

It is beautiful to see local legacy churches training and mobilizing their people to engage lostness in their own backyard. Any church can do this. Every church should do this. Perkinsville Baptist Church is just getting started, and I’m certain that it will only be one of a number of churches who will take ownership of the core missionary task in this community!

A lack of practical equipping can keep people from being mobilized. We can help with that! In fact, there are lots of trainings going on that can help, and one happening on February 17 here in Boone! They are free, fun, and really helpful!

4 Fields NPL Boone Training

Boone Gospel Conversations Training

Gospel Conversations Training – Boone, NC

Feb 17 | 9-5pm

Perkinsville Baptist Church

Register for free here.

4 Fields Campus Ministry Training

Grace Raleigh Leader’s Training

Midway through January one of my Timothys (Matthew) and I spent the weekend in Raleigh to lead the Grace Raleigh / Grace Christian Life Emerging Servants’ Summit. The event was Friday night and all-day Saturday and we stayed through Sunday as I preached for their weekly gathering. We trained 70 over the course of the weekend and saw 5 students decide to follow Jesus during our time in the harvest!

Berk Wilson and Ed Russ are their lead pastors/elders. They have bee faithfully laboring at NCSU and in Raleigh for over 2 decades and they are on fire!

It is so encouraging to serve and learn from other churches who are implementing the Four Fields strategy. God is doing a good work in Raleigh!

Harvest time was awesome: 25 teams engaged 84 people, prayed with 56 people, and shared the gospel with 16. Of those who heard the gospel, 5 were ready to turn and believe and there were 7 who wanted to meet again! The harvest is truly plentiful!

Disciplemaking NPL Boone Training

Spanish 411 Training

My friend Francisco asked me to help lead a 411 Training with him for the Spanish-speaking community of believers in Boone. He is a part of Perkinsville Baptist Church and has been pursuing a call to reach the Spanish speakers in our community as a bivocational missionary.

We had 22 adults attend the training and quite a few had children with them. Some of these folks have been out in the harvest with some of our leaders not long ago.

The best part of the training was that while I led it in English, Francisco translated every bit of it as I went along. He did a stellar job and got a chance to practice the whole 411 Training by having to translate it bit by bit.

I mostly just disappeared, or at least tried to, so that Francisco could lead and facilitate. There were at least 3 separate segments of people in this training from different churches or ministries. It was so encouraging to see them uniting around a disciple making training! I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve these fine people and excited to see the Lord providing Spanish-language leadership for them!

The 411 is simply 4 Questions, on 1 sheet of a paper, in 1 hour. The 4 questions are:

  1. Why? (Por que?)
  2. Who? (A quien?)
  3. What? (Que?)
  4. When? (Cuando?)
4 Fields BCM Training

Four Fields College Ministry Retreat

A couple of weekends ago we took a convoy of students to Black Mountain, NC for a weekend retreat. We’ve been taking retreats to Tarheel Lodge in Black Mountain for many years. This trip was a first of its kind for many reasons.

In the old days we would take only our leadership team, interns, and staff to this location for this kind of retreat. The retreat at Black Mountain was meant to be chock full of vision casting, strategizing, and hard work. We thought we would be doing something similar with this trip.

One of the key differences was that in the group we took, around 1/3 of the students present were new believers that we lead to faith in the harvest. Somewhere between 1/2 and 2/3 of the students that went were relatively new in their faith even if we didn’t personally lead them to faith.

Formerly, we took our highest level leaders away and pushed them really hard. For this retreat, we had lots of new people and we realized that we couldn’t push them. We could only invite them forward. Rather than being a work-retreat, it was a shepherding retreat.

We planned this retreat to help us solve a problem. It is hard to get college students away to longer trainings like Four Fields Intensives where they can discover for themselves principles from the Bible about why we do what we do.

Our solution was to take a normal college ministry weekend retreat and pack it with training modules from a Four Fields Intensive. We narrowed down the list of training components to only those that would fit our students and their context.

Here’s what we ended up doing:

  • God’s Mission from Genesis to Revelation
  • Critical Path from 0 to Healthy Church
  • Four Fields Bible Discovery – Luke 8-13
  • Four Fields Bible Discovery – Acts 13-20
4 Fields Training

Charlotte Gospel Conversations Training

Location: First Baptist Church Charlotte – 301 South Davidson St. Charlotte, NC 28202
Contact: Caleb Sprinkle


Description: Join us for an interactive Gospel Conversation Training that is leading to a movement of many new disciples and church plants in North America and Abroad.

This training will equip believers in making disciples who make disciples with simple, effective tools to cast a God sized vision for reaching the lost people of Charlotte (700K+). You will learn effective lifestyle tools to help you pray for the lost people in your area of influence, competently and confidently start gospel conversations, and initiate follow-up that will lead to multiplying disciples.

This hands-on training includes practice of the tools you will learn with an exciting opportunity to engage the community for prayer and gospel conversations. Every participant will leave knowing how to clearly share the gospel and train a fellow believer to do the same until there is #NoPlaceLeft in our region who has not heard the gospel.

For more trainings this year, have a look at the list here.

Resources Training

Simple Gospel Tool

Two and three years ago we were hardly ever sharing the gospel in our ministry. Part of the time we didn’t even notice it. Some of the time we felt guilty about it. All of the time we didn’t really know how to share the gospel succinctly, which really kept us from trying to share unless an opportunity presented itself to us on a silver platter.

This was one of the 2 keys for helping us drastically increase gospel sharing in our ministry. The following videos are 3 different representations of the same simple tool. The 3 Circles is one of the simplest, and most profound and flexible tools I’ve ever come across – that’s why it stuck for us so well.